Alex Gamez – Commissioner

Bowie FC Soccer Commissioner

James Ferguson – Director of Coaching

Nikki Clowers – Registrar


Chris Lee

Role: 2014 Boys
From: Bowie, MD (grew up in Crofton, MD)
Education: Bachelors in Accounting and Masters in Accounting and Information Technology
Licenses: Working on Grassroots licenses
Played: outdoor/indoor as kid, High School, and Intramural in College
Soccer Love: Assisting on a Cross or Corner
Soccer Hate: Heading
Favorite Player of Old: Too many to choose from Eddie Pope, Dennis Bergkamp, or Thierry Henry – hard to choose one but I played defense most of my time so we will say Eddie Pope
Favorite Player New: If I had to choose one it would be Christian Pulisic

Chris Fleming

Role: 2013 Boys
From: San Antonio, Texas
Education: Associates in Health
Licenses: Texas AYSO
Played: Right Midfielder, Center Midfielder
Soccer Love: Long Ball
Soccer Hate: Players that Flop a lot
Favorite Player of Old: David Beckham
Favorite Player New: Bruno Fernandez

Lance Smith

Role: 2012 Boys
From: Bowie, MD
Education: Computer Science, UMD
License: USSF E
Played:  Travel and High School
Soccer Love: Diving header goals
Soccer Hate: Faking injury – the only thing to hate.
Favorite player of old: Diego Maradona
Favorite player of new: Christian Pulisic

Daniel Swann

Role: 2011 Boys

Brian D’andrade

Role: 2011 Girls, 2008 Boys
From: Trinidad
Education: BSEE in Electrical Engineering
Licenses: USSF E license
Soccer Love: Quirks of the rules that enable unique strategies.
Soccer Hate: Poor refereeing
Favorite Player of Old: David Beckham
Favorites Player New:  Robert Lewandowski

Wale Ojumu

Role: 2010 Boys
From: Lagos, Nigeria
Education: BSc Economics Education, MBA Marketing
Licenses: U.S Soccer Grassroots License D (in-view), 11v11 License (in-person), 9v9 License (in-person) and 4v4 License (online)
Played: Elementary and High School through the University
Soccer Love: Playing the game with a lot of intelligence and skills
Soccer Hate: Not chipping your quota as a player during games
Favorite Player of Old: Paul Scoles (Manchester United)
Favorites Player New: Bruno Fernandez (Manchester United)

Eric Bouchard

Role:2010 Girls

Aquilina Thurston

Role: 2009 Girls

Christopher Spano

Role: 2009 Boys
From: Bowie, MD
Education: B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College (IL); M.A. in Theology and M.A. in Biblical Exegesis from the Wheaton College Graduate School (IL)
Licenses: U.S. Soccer Grassroots 7 v 7 In-person Coaching License
Played: Competitive soccer through age 14
Soccer Love: Team goals (i.e. multiple passes in the possession leading to a nice goal)
Soccer Hate: Faked injuries to draw fouls
Favorite Player of Old: I’d be lying if I said I had one
Favorite Player New: Again, I’d be lying if I said I had one

Cindy Chimm

Role: 2009 Boys

Nikki Clowers

Role: 2008 Boys
From: Roanoke VA
Education: Masters of Public Administration, University of Georgia; B.A./Political Science, VA Tech
Licences: F License; 9v9 license
Played: youth soccer; basketball through high school; softball through college; collegiate rugby
Soccer love: defensive tackling
Soccer Hate: flops
Favorite player of old: Wambach
Favorite player new: Rooney

Michael Prendergast

Role: 2007 Boys
From: Montego Bay Jamaica
Education: Engineer
Licences: D
Played: High School & College/holding midfielder
Soccer love: possession football with intent
Soccer Hate: Diving
Favorite player of old: Thierry Henry
Favorite player new: Alexandre Lacazette/Mezut Ozil

Alex Gamez

Role: 2006 Boys
From: Upper Marlboro, MD
Education: B.S. in Information Systems Management (UMUC)
Licenses: USSF E license
Played: Soccer through HS
Soccer Love: Playing the possession game and confidence on the ball
Soccer Hate: Flopping
Favorite Player of Old: Marco Etcheverry (Bolivian National/DC United
Favorite Player New: Lionel Messi (Argentina National/FC Barcelona)

James Ferguson

Name: James Ferguson
Role: Director of Coaching, U14 & U12 Coach
From: Scotland, UK.
Education: Degree in Sports Science from the University of Portsmouth, UK,
Licences: USSF C Licence
Certified and accredited Interscholastic Soccer Coach.
Played: high school, junior college and University.
Soccer love: A hard but fair tackle
Soccer Hate: Diving and faking injury
Favorite player of old: Roy Keane ( Midfield- Manchester Utd)
Favorite player new: N’Golo Kante ( Midfield- Chelsea)